The Rights and Status of Indigenous Peoples in Nigeria

NigeriaBook-Large The plight of the indigenous peoples has generated enormous attention all over the world, and Nigeria is no exception. The indigenous peoples’ demands and the responses by modern nation-states comprise a number of different responses. There are conflicting claims between peoples claiming to be indigenous and the various governments where they reside. There is controversy over whether some groups are indigenous or whether they are simply disenfranchised minorities. The Rights and Status of Indigenous Peoples in Nigeria examines whether “indigenous peoples” truly exist in Nigeria and whether they are entitled to all of the rights enjoyed by their counterparts all over the world.

A valuable book which, among others, bridges the gap between the international protection of indigenous peoples and the indigenous peoples of Africa. - Dr. Erica-Irene A. Daes, Founding Chairperson & Special Rapporteur, United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations

Dr. Ademodi’s book represents a highly innovative publication, which fills a gap in pre-existing legal literature as it offers the first comprehensive assessment ever not only of the legal status (in light of the relevant international and domestic laws), but also of the anthropological and historical reality of indigenous peoples in Nigeria. - Dr. Federico Lenzerini, Rapporteur of the “Committee on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” of the International Law Association

In conclusion, the rights and status of indigenous peoples is well organized and provide the reader with a well written look into the plight of indigenous peoples in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. Silvia Martis Tabusca, Ph.D., Faculty Member of the School of Law, Romanian American University

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Author: Olugbenga Ifedayo Ademodi, JD, Ph.D.

ISBN: #978-1-936955-06-0

Publication Date: 2011

Pages: 290

Price: $18.95

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