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Demystifying Hmong Shamanism: Practice and Use by Hmong Americans Across the Lifespan

Linda A. Gerdner, Ph.D.

Demystifying Hmong Shamanism is the first book to provide a comprehensive discussion of shamanism as practiced and experienced by Hmong Americans. A broad range of case examples are discussed that not only represent the initiation and maintenance of the shaman's practice, but also a variety of ceremonies performed to promote spiritual health and well-being across the life span. Case examples are described in rich detail and presented within a real-life context. Shamanism as practiced in the United States remains consistent with that practiced in their homeland of Laos, with minor adaptations as described throughout the text. The book is unique in that it addresses a traditional form of shamanism that continues to be practiced widely within Hmong American communities across the United States.

Demystifying Hmong Shamanism provides a comprehensive exploration of the practice and use of shamanism by Hmong Americans that incorporates a first-hand perspective from recipients, family members, shamans, and the shaman assistants.

Demystifying Hmong Shamanism is the result of over ten years of research and close collaboration with Hmong shamans and other members of the Hmong American community. As practicing Hmong shamans advance in age, they have identified the importance of documenting their legacy for future generations.

Their cooperation and collaboration with Dr. Gerdner has provided a unique opportunity for the documentation and recording of ceremonies normally restricted to family members. The shamanic ceremonies and practices reported here reflect the diversity with regard to purpose and performance found within the Hmong shamanic world.

Recorded and presented for the first time, Demystifying Hmong Shamanism is a landmark publication in the field of Hmong and Hmong American studies, shamanism, and religion.

2015. $21.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-12-1

Convergence: The Globalization of Mind

Theo Horesh

Humanity is now faced with an array of global challenges we are ill equipped to handle. Climate change and nuclear proliferation, food security and global pandemic disease each concern us all. But we lack the global institutions through which they might be solved. And these institutions are lacking because most people put the needs of their own groups first. While the great challenges of the twenty-first century are largely global, few people think of themselves as global citizens. And few bring the same balance and maturity to global issues that they do to more national concerns.

The world is vast and overwhelming. Making sense of it requires greater knowledge, greater empathy, and greater ethical commitments. This process might best be described as the globalization of mind, and it is just getting under way. But thinking globally will become easier as global interconnectivity increases, as global institutions grow in scope, and as more people are exposed to greater human diversity and devote themselves to solving global challenges. Convergence: The Globalization of Mind is a magisterial exploration of the challenges that lie in wait, raising as many questions as it answers, and all the while deepening the readers' own global thinking.

2014. $14.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-14-5

Warriors of Life: The Martial Art of Existence

Wayne Omura

Cultures of noble warrior protectors are found throughout all ages of humankind in countless civilizations across the globe. A few brave men and women choose to put the welfare and security of their neighbors ahead of their own, and take to the battlefield to stop any invaders who would violate their community.

For the aware warrior, many clashes bring much insight. Through facing death we find deeper truths about life. After enduring much heartbreaking bloodshed, we are moved to build a powerful peace where all families' children may grow up in health and happiness.

Wayne Omura writes of his insights into the ages-old struggle of the warrior who puts others ahead of self on dangerous battlefronts. Enjoy his words, wrestle with his observations, and see what realizations come to your mind after all the campaigns of your life.

2014. $9.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-11-4

Eye Witness Accounts of the Kiowa in Transition

Joseph K. Griffs and J.J. Methvin

Eye Witness Accounts of the Kiowa in Transition contains the full original copies of two complete works: Tahan - Out of Savagery into Civilization and Andele, or The Mexican-Kiowa Captive. Both of these works provide important ethnographic information on the Kiowa during a pivotal period in history. At a time when the Kiowa were being forced onto reservations and much of their traditional lands were being colonized towards the end of the 19th century, both Tahan and Andele came to live among the Kiowa. The works published here are the autobiographical and biographical accounts of these two individuals and their lives among the Kiowa, their adoption into the tribe, and their recounting of Kiowa life on the southern Plains. No other works provide first hand ethnographic accounts of the Kiowa during this pivotal period in Kiowa history.

Together, Tahan - Out of Savagery into Civilization and Andele, or The Mexican-Kiowa Captive provide unique, important information on a pivotal period in Kiowa history. Within a short period of time, the Kiowa were forced onto reservations and prevented from practicing much of their traditional lifeway, including their seasonal movements with the buffalo herds. Both Tahan and Andele lived among the Kiowa during this period, and the two books published here provide essential information on this transition.

2013. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-13-8

The Pukará of Quitor: An Indigenous Self-Determination Case Study

Ryan Seelau and Laura M. Seelau

The Pukará of Quitor: An Indigenous Self-Determination Case Study tells the story of the Indigenous Atacameño Community of Quitor and their efforts to regain control over an ancient and impressive piece of cultural property, the Pukará of Quitor—a large stone fortress located in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The Atacameño Community of Quitor has existed in essentially the same region of Chile for thousands of years, but after European contact, and particularly after tourism began near the end of the 20th century, their world changed dramatically. The Community began to see its cultural property vandalized and destroyed, and they knew that if they stood by and did nothing, much of what they held dear would be destroyed.

Fortunately, the Atacameño Community of Quitor took action. Exercising their rights to self-determination, the community found ways to regain some control over their traditional lands and property. Adopting a strategy whereby the Community exercised their rights little by little, they became one of the very first Indigenous communities in Chile to co-manage their own ancestral property. In the process, the Community has restored the Pukará of Quitor, expanded its reach as a respected tourist attraction, and taken both the lessons and the profits earned from the experience and has channeled them back into the Community for future work. In short, the Pukará of Quitor is a success story about Indigenous rights, and it is a story that anyone can learn from.

The Pukará of Quitor was written by the Project for Indigenous Self-Determination, an organization founded to promote Indigenous rights and successes. It is the first in a series of case studies designed to showcase how Indigenous rights can produce positive results in a wide range of contexts. For more information, visit:

2013. $9.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955091

Zen Foot-Notes: Upon The Unknown Passage

Wayne Omura

Zen Foot-Notes: Upon the Unknown Passage is the journal of an expedition’s ascent of the highest mountain in the world - not Everest, as everyone assumes, but Pochen Point - the fabled summit of the nether world. The expedition to climb the highest mountain in the nether world is a symbol for mankind’s journey through life. The summit is different for each member of the expedition. And yet, because it also symbolizes death, it is essentially the same. The expedition members discover that what matters is not the goal, but merely the path. And some realize that it is not even the path that matters, but rather the passage - the pathless path.

2012. $14.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955084

My Funny Major Medical: America's Most Hilarious Writers Take On Doctors, Healthcare, And Other Complications

Edited by Karla Telega and Linton Robinson

Laughter might be the best medicine, but it's not covered by Medicare. So this little book provides a low-cost, over-the-counter dosage to cheer up (and/or terrify) those who find themselves on the wrong end of health maintenance. (Whichever the "wrong end" might be.) Some of the funniest humor writers on the scene today share their stories, jokes, therapeutic venting, and scans of the process of Getting Better - including some medical personnel who didn't realize they were being funny.

2012. $9.95. ISBN# 978-19-3695-510-7

Myron Eells and the Twana Indians of Skokomish: The Twana Indians of the Skokomish Reservation in Washington Territory and Ten Years of Missionary Work Among the Indians at Skokomish, Washington Territory

Myron Eells

The two works by Myron Eells republished here, The Twana Indians of the Skokomish Reservation in Washington Territory (first published in 1877) and Ten Years of Missionary Work Among the Indians at Skokomish, Washington Territory (first published in 1886) were both written shortly after the formation of the reservation and during a period of great change for the people of Skokomish. The Twana Indians of the Skokomish Reservation in Washington Territory provides an unparalleled ethnological account of contemporary Native life during this period of change, while Ten Years of Missionary Work Among the Indians at Skokomish, Washington Territory not only builds on the previous work, but also provides the most important published source on the origins of the Indian Shaker Church.

2012. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-07-7

Robert Lowie and the Crow: The Sun Dance of the Crow Indians and The Religion of the Crow Indians

Robert Lowie, Ph.D.

This book contains the complete The Sun Dance of the Crow Indians (1915) and The Religion of the Crow Indians (1922), two important primary sources on the Apsáalooke (Crow) people. As Paul Radin wrote in his obituary, “He was one of the best ethnographers of his day, and wherever time permitted, as in the case of the Crow, every aspect of culture was studied in detail. His Crow work and his investigation of the Plains societies are in a class by themselves. The latter study, for its completeness, its clear-cut recognition of the problems involved, and its admirable solution, has never been excelled.”

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-02-2

George B. Grinnell and the Blackfeet: Blackfoot Lodge Tales and Blackfoot Indian Stories

George B. Grinnell, Ph.D.

Of the two complete works republished here, Blackfoot Lodge Tales was Grinnell’s second book, published in 1892, shortly after his return to the East Coast after an extensive stay among the Blackfeet. Blackfoot Indian Stories (1914), on the other hand, was published much later in Grinnell’s career, and is a continuation of Grinnell’s original ethnological style, although with more distance between his time with informants and the field. In both form and content, however, Grinnell’s ethnology is founded on narrative, on myth, and story representing the “Indian mind.” How much of Grinnell’s work involves “unmoderated” story taken down exactly as his informants told him we can never know. The language used can sometimes edge into the romantic when Grinnell paints generalized pictures of Blackfeet life, but he personally would have denied this view of his relation to his informants, in part because of his deep intimacy with many individual tribal members and his expressed concern for tribal welfare over the years.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-01-5

The Rights and Status of Indigenous Peoples in Nigeria

Olugbenga Ifedayo Ademodi, JD, Ph.D.

The plight of the indigenous peoples has generated enormous attention all over the world, and Nigeria is no exception. The indigenous peoples’ demands and the responses by modern nation-states comprise a number of different responses. There are conflicting claims between peoples claiming to be indigenous and the various governments where they reside. There is controversy over whether some groups are indigenous or whether they are simply disenfranchised minorities. The Rights and Status of Indigenous Peoples in Nigeria examines whether “indigenous peoples” truly exist in Nigeria and whether they are entitled to all of the rights enjoyed by their counterparts all over the world.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-06-0

Alfred L. Kroeber and the Arapaho: Decorative Symbolism of the Arapaho, The Arapaho, and Arapaho Dialects

Alfred L. Kroeber, Ph.D.

This book contains the complete Decorative Symbolism of the Arapaho (1901), The Arapaho (1902), and Arapaho Dialects (1916), three important primary sources on the Arapaho people. As Julian H. Steward wrote in his obituary, "It is impossible … to do justice to a great scientist whose works are still a very living part of anthropology and related disciplines. Kroeber’s place in history will be determined by the scholars who continue to be influenced by his writings in the future…”.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-03-9

Problem Gods: In Search of a Meaningful Deity

James J. Garber, MD, Ph.D.

The concept of God has evolved over the centuries, just as humans have. As our understanding of the Universe has expanded, so too should our vision of the divine. In Problem Gods: In Search of a Meaningful Deity Dr. Garber puts forth an unique, comprehensive argument as to how our vision and understanding of the divine should evolve in conjunction with our evolving understanding of the Universe.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-05-3

My Funny Valentine: America's Most Hilarious Writers Take on Love, Romance, and other Complications

Edited by Linton Robinson and Karla Telega

Somebody once said, "To learn to love, learn to laugh." Either way, you'll find the love of laughter, or at least a couple of good laughs about love, in this book. Here Valentine's Day gets treated by some of the funniest writers in America: the people who win the humor contests, who write syndicated chuckle columns, who appear on comedy stages and write the jokes you hear on TV. A fun read, a new and different gift on "love day," an open invitation to have a laugh at the comedy we know and celebrate as "Love."

2011. $9.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-04-6

Mayan Calendar Girls: The Great Meso-American Novel

By Team 2012

When it came to calendars, those ancient Mayans got a lot of things right. But they also missed a few bits. So TEAM 2012 fills in the whole picture: a batch of hot, sassy Calendar Girls who are all about getting their hands on the purloined clues to what will really happen on 20/12/2012. If they can pull off the investigations and daring raids needed to keep this cosmic lore (and their own bods) out of evil hands, they just might save the world… or at least enjoy the happy ending. And they have no help but a crystal skull that’s gotten hooked on stoners, a blond diver who loves dolphins maybe too much, a Black spy working against Obama’s Campaign, a redheaded fire dancer, an odd assortment of thugs, priests, and crazos… and time itself.

Remember: It’s not the end of the world, just the end of time.

A Volume A Year Until the End of Time.

Team 2012 came together to write this online, never dreaming it would become the greatest eBook of all time. But there it is… and now it’s in PRINT! Best read it fast, if you get our drift.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-1-936955-00-8

Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada: A Postcolonial Study

By Punyashree Panda, Ph.D.

An in-depth study of contemporary Native American Native Fiction, Dr. Panda's book is an extremely readable work which would prove immensely useful to students and scholars alike.

Prof. Subhendu Mund, Visiting Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar

Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada explores the varied nuances of contemporary Native American and Native Canadian fiction from a postcolonial perspective. The book goes beyond previous studies concerning Native writers by focusing on a range of issues from tribal cultural experiences to the contemporary postcolonial realities Native peoples encounter such as identity politics and the subversion of hegemonic discourse. This book not only highlights the special features of Native cultures by discussing various binary oppositions and forms of hybridity found in contemporary works, but it also illuminates the game of subversion and the unending play of the signifiers which are encountered in postmodern texts of the Native writers discussed here.

Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada centers on four well known Native texts, two each from the U.S. and Canada. Enriched with the knowledge of the two worlds Native authors encounter, one tribal and the other mainstream, the book concludes that Native authors are masters of their craft in manifesting both the Native cultural matrix as well as the experiences of the postcolonial Native world they inhabit.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-0-9820467-9-1

Movies and the Meaning of Life: The Most Profound Films in Cinematic History

By Wayne Omura

In this introductory guidebook, Omura puts some very interesting films together in a meaningful order. As we consider these films with him, we are encouraged to relate them to deep questions about life.

Bruce Kawin, author of Mindscreen and How Movies Work

Wayne Omura's book provides succinct descriptions of the films he considers to be the most evocative of the human condition. A useful guide for all film lovers and those who wish to discover the enigma of living life through the movies.

Suranjan Ganguly, Associate Professor of Film Studies, University of Colorado

The movie is a vicarious experience. It is a substitute for so-called "real" life. And yet, this illusion can move one's soul. It can place one on the beaches of Normandy with shells exploding and bullets whizzing through the air. It can place one on another planet facing alien forms of intelligent life. The movie is a fantasy, a distilled form of imagination. We know where we are physically in reality. But if a movie is good, our mind is somewhere else. And if a movie is excellent, our spirit has also been released. On some occasions a movie can be incredible. In such an instance our soul can he transformed. These incredibly transformative movies form the core of this book: movies that convey visions of the meaning of life. They are the most profound films in cinematic history.

From the Introduction

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-09820467-8-4

Luminous Life: A New Model of Humanistic Psychotherapy

By Partha Choudhury, MD

Luminous Life is a new model of humanistic psychotherapy that is the result of over a decade of original research, thought, and clinical work. Based on the fundamental principal that each individual is a unique, beautiful person and is capable of healing oneself, the book discusses psychological modules for one to maintain - or regain - their healthy and happy life. Adopting a holistic approach to human existence through investigations of meaning, values, freedom, personal responsibility, human potential, and spirituality, Dr. Choudhury takes the reader through a series of theoretical discussions and practical self-help exercises. Designed to allow one to incorporate their luminous self into their daily lives, Luminous Life is a landmark publication.

Dr. Partha Choudhury works as a full-time consultant psychiatrist with the National Health Services, UK. He trained and worked as a member of the faculty at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India. Literature and culture are his other passions; recently his book of poems Millennium of Miracles was published.

2011. $15.95. ISBN# 978-09820467-7-7

Mormons, Indians, and the Ghost Dance Religion of 1890

By Garold D. Barney, Ph.D.

From the Forward: In this study, Dr. Garold Barney has done an excellent job of reflecting both Mormon thought and the Indian concepts behind the Ghost Dance Religion. These two phenomena have existed in the history of the American West for a long time, but it has taken Dr. Barney, following the footsteps of Dr. Coates, to make a good case for their relationship. I would recommend Barney's work to anyone interested in Mormons, the Plains Indians, the Ghost Dance Religion, or anyone with a general interest in the religious movements in the American West. Paul M. Edwards, Baker University

The publication of Mormons, Indians, and the Ghost Dance Religion of 1890 represents over ten years of research and writing.

2011. $18.95. ISBN# 978-09820467-5-3

Understanding Indian Place Names in Southern New England

By Frank Waabu O'Brien, Ph.D.

In New England, American Indian people have left their ancient footprints in many of the current names for mountains, rivers, lakes, animals, fish, cities, towns, and byways. The first English settlers, who put most of the American Indian words on the map, borrowed names from local tribes. In the process, they often misheard, mispronounced, or misreported what they heard - that is how the place Wequapaugset was given as Boxet or how Musquompskut became Swampscott.

In many cases the Indian terms have changed so much over time that linguists are unable to recognize the original spelling and meaning. Others have tried their hand at translations, and have come up with fanciful interpretations that are incorrect, but that have stood the test of time. On the East Coast, the Native cultures and their Algonquian tongues had long faded before most scholarly studies began, so a great many translations of place names often represent a scholar's best guess.

In this landmark volume, Dr. Frank Waabu O'Brien of the Aquidneck Indian Council, provides the first indigenous method and process for interpreting regional American Indian place names. Included is a dictionary of the most common misspellings, along with numerous examples of the Indian place names for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Based on years of research, Understanding Indian Place Names is a landmark publication.

2010. $18.95. ISBN# 978-0982046760

Indigenous Peoples in Liberal Democratic States: A Comparative Study of Conflict and Accomodation in Canada and India

By H. Srikanth, Ph.D.

Indigenous Peoples in Liberal Democratic States is a comparative study of the interactions between indigenous peoples and political regimes of the Province of British Columbia, Canada and the hill areas of composite Assam, India.

Utilizing historical, comparative and analytical methods, the book throws light on the major concerns, achievements and failures of the indigenous peoples’ movements in Canada and India. By shedding light on the impact of colonial and post-colonial regimes on indigenous communities, the book critically evaluates different policies and strategies pursued in these countries to accommodate indigenous peoples fighting for protection of aboriginal rights.

By analyzing Native resistance movements and State responses to these movements, the book explores the potentialities and limits of liberal democracies in addressing issues raised by indigenous movements for self-determination. The central themes are examined in light of contemporary discourses on the rights of indigenous people.

Indigenous Peoples in Liberal Democratic States is an essential book for specialists and non-specialists alike, and it will interest all readers who are concerned about relationships between indigenous peoples and States.

2010. $24.95. ISBN# 978-09820467-4-6

Lakota Sioux Legends and Myths: Native American Oral Traditions Recorded by Marie L. McLaughlin and Zitkala-Sa

Oral traditions and myths have long been an integral part of Native American cosmology. Not only have they been – and continue to be – an essential part of handing down Native American customs, norms, beliefs, and cultural histories, but they also form a communal mythic discourse. This discourse is not a “fixed text,” but rather a dynamic process of interactive relations that are developed over generations of experience, and passed from relation to relation and generation to generation. In this sense, the traditional structures of mythic discourse serve an integrative function: to form a coherent basis for communal identity in terms of a shared set of fundamental ideas and beliefs expressed in multiple forms.

The oral traditions and myths recorded in this book are part of the communal mythic discourse of the Lakota Sioux people. Originally collected and recorded at the close of the nineteenth century by two Native language speakers – Marie L. McLaughlin and Zitkala Sa – these oral traditions provide some of the least distorted or colonially disrupted examples of the Lakota Sioux communal mythic discourse. Containing over 40 oral traditions, Lakota Sioux Legends and Myths brings together into a single volume these remarkable myths and legends.

Edited and with a forward by Peter N. Jones, Ph.D., Lakota Sioux Legends and Myths is a welcome and refreshing addition to the literature. Once again the beauty, depth, and knowledge contained within the Lakota Sioux oral traditions can speak for themselves.

2009. $16.95. ISBN# 978-0-9820467-3-9

Sweet Spot: A Novel About Mazatlan Carnival, Dirty Politics, and Baseball

By Linton Robinson

If anybody wondered why star journalist Mundo Carrasco would stop investigating Mazatlan's drug lords and politicos in order to run the shady new puppet mayor's press relations, then they had never been to bed with the scorching, amoral, monumental Mijares. Mazatlan's huge, blaring Carnival became the greatest time Mundo had lived since his days as a local baseball hero: access to the real power and closeted skeletons, a political future of his own, and...mostly...the perfect flesh of Mijares.

Then the mayor beats up his wife, the city government starts to unravel into scandal and panic, and they start killing people--with Mundo right up there on their list. Tumbling through the tumult of Carnival, mob violence, narco suites and wretched bulldozed hovels, musical mayhem, his own corruption, and three women who want to reclaim his soul for his own good and their own purposes, Mundo is either sorting himself out or getting totally mixed up...if he comes out of it with his damaged scruples and bruised hide intact.

2009. $18.95. ISBN# 978-0-9820467-2-2

Shamans and Shamanism: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Terms Use in North America

By Peter N. Jones, Ph.D.

Shamanism... what is it? Is it a phenomenon with a clear definition or with a set of clearly definable attributes? Has the phenomenon changed over time, or are today's versions found in suburban basements the same as those that were practiced hundreds of years ago by various tribal people? What can we figure out about shamanism if we simply look at the term itself and how it has been employed over time? What if we restrict ourselves to one geographic location? These are some of the questions grappled with, and partially answered, in this book. By discussing the historical use of the terms shamanism and shaman in North America, Peter N. Jones offers fresh insights into the history of this phenomenon. Comparing current understandings and descriptions of the phenomenon with those of the historical and archival record, Shamans and Shamanism presents a comprehensive analysis of the terms use over time. Included in the book is a comprehensive bibliography of the term's use in North America. Shamans and Shamanism is an important resource for anyone interested in this phenomenon. It provides new insights into the history of the terms, their use in both academic and pop literature, and offers a starting point for future investigations of the phenomenon.

2008. $16.95. ISBN# 978-0-982046715

The House of the Vampire

By George Sylvester Viereck

One of the first psychic vampire novels of its time - where the vampire feeds off of more than just blood - The House of the Vampire is an early classic in its genre. Republished in this new edition, this Victorian novel operates in the continuum of life and death. What has been can be again, though often terribly transformed. Energetically inventive and infused with a relish for the supernatural, especially the trappings of the dark, The House of the Vampire delivers a horror which we know does not - but none the less conceivably might - exist and threaten ourselves. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, The House of the Vampire is considered a classic among Victorian Gothic stories. He felt the presence of the hand of Reginald Clarke - unmistakably - groping in his brain as if searching for something that had still escaped him. He tried to move, to cry out, but his limbs were paralysed. When, by a superhuman effort, he at last succeeded in shaking off the numbness that held him enchained, he awoke just in time to see a figure, that of a man, disappearing in the wall that separated Reginald's apartments from his room....

2008. $14.95. ISBN# 978-0-982046708

Imaginary Lines: Stories of Physical, Cultural, and Culinary Frontiers

By Linton Robinson and Ana Maria Corona

National borders are abstract lines that take root as physical barricades and divides. Cultural differences create people whose differences from others stem entirely from their minds. Lovers, societies and families are bound together with bonds as fragile and ephemeral as the mooring lines of great ships. And inside each person is a map or similar boundaries, frontiers, and alliances. This book turns the visible differences at the border of two nations into a mirror, a metaphor for the human condition.

When these stories first appeared in San Diego periodicals, Baja Week and Harpers, they were acclaimed as more than just "border lit" by readers and fans: critics praised the blending of Linton Robinson's craftsmanship and transparent style with Ana Maria Corona's clear-eyed witness and charming voice. Now they are collected in book format for readers outside of the border area... but within the eternal no-man's land of their humanity.

2008. $15.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-9-6

I Am Sustainability: How The Human Body Can Save The Planet

By Enrico Wensing, Ph.D.

E.J. Wensing is the founder of Ecosphere Net ( Based out of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, we are a global network providing powerful cross-cultural education for personal and global sustainability. This book introduces a new approach to global sustainability, one that links conversation, action and research in a continuous cycle of exploration and discovery. The first part of this approach is called I Am Sustainability. It is a curriculum for personal and global sustainability that we continually create and recreate together across all cultures of the world. This book starts the I Am Sustainability conversation, action and research with an opening argument that describes how all of the human impediments to global sustainability begin in a single human problem, that is, the psychology of the currently disproportionate human need to belong to competitive social groups.

2008. $15.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-8-9

Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado

By William Hood

In his book, Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado, author William Hood takes us along on his own harrowing journey as he attempts to cross the Weminuche Wilderness Area, by himself, in September of 2002. He would complete this one hundred mile trek in just nine days as backpacking across the San Juan mountains transcends from a physical challenge, to a mental test, to ultimately a spiritual enlightenment.

In his travels, Hood explores Colorado's varied history, as he relates his own personal experiences to the State's. He weaves an enriching yet comical story for the reader as he encounters guardian angels, an abundance of wildlife, and evil weather. His journey would continue after his hike as Bill searches in his mind for solutions to the environmental, social and political issues facing Colorado in the 21st century.

After returning home to the Front Range from his wilderness experience, Hood finds new enlightenment to be a dysfunction, as greater challenges, like changing careers in his forties, takes his journey back to the desperation he experienced while in the wilderness. Once again, he finds inner strength through his faith and his sense of humor; to strive toward the person he had envisioned becoming.

Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado encourages each of us to find our own perfect state we had in mind.

2008. $15.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-7-2

To The Last Drop: A Novel of Water, Oppression, and Rebellion

By Andrew Wice

To the Last Drop follows five characters through the course of a war between Texas and New Mexico. The novel begins with the accidental discovery of water in the arid southeast corner of New Mexico. Texas and New Mexico become tangled in a bitter legal dispute over the rights to that water. A series of increasingly aggressive border skirmishes leads to an invasion by the Texas State Guard.

2008. $15.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-6-5

A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England: Voices from Past and Present

By Moondancer and Strong Woman

Very few books on the history and culture of the southern New England Native peoples have been written by the Natives themselves. Standard academic books read like a clinical autopsy of a dead culture from many years ago. Contrary to this, A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England provides an understanding of the ways, customs, and language of the southern New England American Indians from the Native's perspective. For the first time, a book written about the Native American peoples of southern New England is written by the Natives themselves. Incorporating voices of modern Elders and other Natives to the historic records of the 1500s and 1600s, everything about the beauty, power, and richness of their culture has been included. Sections of the book cover appearance, language, family and relations, religion, the body and senses, marriage, sickness, war, games, hunting, and much more. The proud and fiercely independent Native American peoples of southern New England once walked tall and proud on this land. With this book, they are now beginning to walk tall again.

2007. $28.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-3-4

Meeting the Enemy, Becoming A Friend: A Personal Journey and Challenge for All of Us to Become More Responsible Global Citizens

By Melinda Gelder, Ph.D.

What would you do if you suddenly you found yourself part of a community you had always thought you would never be associated with? What if this happened in a foreign country, where everyone automatically thought you were part of that group? In Meeting the Enemy, Becoming a Friend Dr. Gelder talks about her personal transformation from outspoken critic of the U.S. military to a global citizen that worked with military personnel and Japanese citizens in cultural exchanges. A strong social and environmental activist, Dr. Gelder recounts how she had to come to terms with military actions in a foreign country and how those actions were reflected back on her for her association with the military.

Overcoming her initial bias against the military, Dr. Gelder took it upon herself to become a global citizen and enhance the relations between military personnel stationed in Japan, and the Japanese people located around the military base. Through a variety of actions, Dr. Gelder worked to build a positive relationship between the U.S. military and the local Japanese citizens and their communities. In Meeting the Enemy, Becoming a Friend, Dr. Gelder shows how it is possible to be a citizen in a global world and to respond with positive actions towards the people and places encountered, while also positively representing the places and people you come from.

2006. $29.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-5-8

Quantum Ring Theory: Foundations for Cold Fusion

By Wladimir Guglinski, Ph.D.

In Quantum Ring Theory Wladimir Guglinski presents a radical new theory concerning the fundamental nature of physics. Hailed as a intriguing theorist by Dr. Eugene Mallove, president of the New Energy Foundation, Guglinski argues that the current understanding of physics does not put forth an accurate understanding of the world. Instead, Guglinski argues that we must once again consider the “aether,” a notion originally put forth by Greek philosophers. By considering the nature of “aether” and its role in physical processes, Guglinski is able to put forth a theory that reconciles Quantum Physics with the Theory of Relativity. To date, no other physical theory is able to accord for the fundamental intraction between these two fundamental notions of physics. As part of Guglinski’s new theory, the author presents a new model of the neutron. Guglinski’s model of the neutron has been confirmed by contemporary physical experiments: The first one was made by Don Borghi and published in 1993 by the American Institute of Physics; the second experiment was made by Elio Conte and Maria Pieralice, subsequently published in the magazine Infinite Energy in 1999. Currently, other experiments around the world are being conducted to test the remainder of Guglinski’s theoretical work.

Quantum Ring Theory presents for the first time in a complete text the theoretical work of Wladimir Guglinski. In this volume cutting edge theoretical work in physics is presented; theoretical work which may ultimately change the very way we understand the world.

2006. $34.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-4-1

Respect for the Ancestors: American Indian Cultural Affiliation in the American West

By Peter N. Jones, Ph.D.

In this eagerly awaited book, the cultural anthropologist Peter N. Jones brings fifteen years and over twenty-five projects to bear on one of the more controversial questions in contemporary American anthropology and American Indian studies. Are contemporary American Indian tribes of the American West culturally affiliated with the people who crossed over from Asia over 10,000 years ago? Have American Indians in the Plateau and Great Basin lived in their homeland for thousands of years as their oral traditions affirm? These are some of the questions he considers in Respect for the Ancestors.

2005. $21.95. ISBN# 978-0-9721349-2-7