Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada: A Postcolonial Study


An in-depth study of contemporary Native American Native Fiction, Dr. Panda's book is an extremely readable work which would prove immensely useful to students and scholars alike. - Prof. Subhendu Mund, Visiting Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar

Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada explores the varied nuances of contemporary Native American and Native Canadian fiction from a postcolonial perspective. The book goes beyond previous studies concerning Native writers by focusing on a range of issues from tribal cultural experiences to the contemporary postcolonial realities Native peoples encounter such as identity politics and the subversion of hegemonic discourse. This book not only highlights the special features of Native cultures by discussing various binary oppositions and forms of hybridity found in contemporary works, but it also illuminates the game of subversion and the unending play of the signifiers which are encountered in postmodern texts of the Native writers discussed here.

Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada centers on four well known Native texts, two each from the U.S. and Canada. Enriched with the knowledge of the two worlds Native authors encounter, one tribal and the other mainstream, the book concludes that Native authors are masters of their craft in manifesting both the Native cultural matrix as well as the experiences of the postcolonial Native world they inhabit.

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Book Information

Author: Punyashree Panda, Ph.D.

ISBN# 978-0-9820467-9-1

Publication Date: 2011

Pages: 232

Price: $18.95

Binding: Trade paper